Everyone knows that if you like the good shit then Universal Audio are one of the brands you’ll be familiar with. They are also remarkably generous with their giveaways and this particular promotion is a biggie and no mistake. Basically, the deal is that when you buy a Universal Audio LA-610 mk2 channel strip (that’s a classic piece of studio hardware for anyone not in the know) then you’ll get either a UAD Satellite Duo or UAD PCI Duo totally free. Yep, that’s right, free as in gratis, de nada, hee-haw, you pay nothing! Couple that with the fact that you get a bundle of software free of charge with either the UAD Satellite or PCI accelerator cards if you register today and you have a Universal Audio mega-deal! Oh, and there’s also some more information on the deal at the UAD site here and you can buy the LA-610 right here.

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