Sequencias: The Elusive Triumph


Sequencias is the NYC based label set up by JM De Frias in 2011. The label’s oeuvre is far from easy to generalise, ranging from challenging and cerebral electronics to demented jakbeat workouts, but one thing is certain: Only open minds will reap the full benefit from it’s growing discography, and whether you’re hearing Aroy Dee’s blinding remix of Willie Burns’ “Another Place, Another Time” in the club, or The Healing Force Project’s “Hybrid 1” in the headphones, you can guarantee you’ll be treated to an impeccable palette of sounds thanks to the on-point curation of De Frias and the stunning talents of the artists he chooses to grace his label. He also just happens to be a seriously killer DJ with far-ranging tastes, so we thought we’d rope him into doing a mix for us, and thankfully he obliged. With Ame, Michael Boothman and Agitation Free (to name but a few) featuring, where could you possibly go wrong? Not only that, but we had the chance to catch up De Frias for a chat about Sequencias’ modus operandi, some of it’s highlights so far and hot nuggets scheduled for the future…         Continue reading

OTO Machines – taking the Biscuit.

OTO Machines Biscuit

So…….here at Rubadub we’re known to like strange things and we also have a long standing affinity with France (“the auld alliance”) so when OTO machines came out with a strange step-sequencing 8 Bit weirdo FX box with proper Analogue filters AND we found out they were French…..we couldn’t have been happier.  Formidable!

We spoke to the very affable Dennis from OTO Machines and asked him some questions – here’s the results:

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Serato DJ and the Pioneer DDJ-SX

Here’s a nicely understated performance video showing off the DDJ-SX and Serato DJ software combination.   The reason we like this is that it’s a lot closer to how we see most people actually playing as opposed to having 30 samples all playing at once and/or playing MIDI controllers like they are heavy metal guitar players trying to fit in as many notes as they can in 1 second.

He’s mainly using the DDJ-SX which is 100% integrated with Serato DJ software straight out of the box (so no mapping or messing about and it’s proper Serato DJ, not a light or “Pioneer” version like in the past) but also has the Serato Control iPad app on the go for triggering samples.

Anyone who has used, or is still using, the earlier Serato SL1 box should check out the HUGE difference in sound quality between these older 16Bit boxes and the newer 24 bit circuitry (yes, even with MP3s).