Machine 2.0 – getting synthetic on yo ass!

Native Instruments’ Maschine is, in our humble opinion, possibly their best product and it’s been getting better and better as time goes on.  They are just about to raise the bar again with the new V2.0 software which adds some very nice new features.

Probably the most interesting new feature is the move away from exclusively Sample based drum sounds – NI have a long history of modelling synths (everything from the weirdness of Absytnth through to the more traditional Prophet 5) so it’s perhaps no surprise that they’ve added a new form of Drum Synth to Maschine’s sonic arsenal.

From what we can gather it seems like they have put together different models of classic analogue  drum machines from the past as well as acoustic drums too:

“Each of the kick plug-in’s eight sound engines delivers unique, powerful low end. Three engines are based on classic analog machines made famous over thirty years of electronic music. They deliver sounds fat and punchy to deep and dusty, and everything in between

The other five go far beyond electronic sounds to deliver some of the most realistic acoustic-sounding kicks you’ve ever heard. A broad sweet spot means you get pro sound no matter what you dial in.”

Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 10.58.04

There’s additional models for Snares and so on giving a whole new layer of power and flexibility to Maschine.


They’ve also increased the number of included Synths:


Reaktor Prism

Scarbee MK1 (Rhodes Emulation)

Solid Bus Compressor

Although NI do have a new Maschine Studio coming out you don’t need to have one to access any or all of these features – the V2.0 Software is available as a free upgrade to anyone with current Maschine hardware who bought it after October 1st and also a paid upgrade through the NI site.  Having said that the new Maschine Studio is so tasty you might want to upgrade just by buying one anyway.  Or have both 🙂

We’ve also got a big Maschine event happening at Rubadub next month with the chance to win some nice swag and get some hands on demos and time with NI product specialists so…………….. sign up here!

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