Serato have shrunk!

If you use Serato Scratch or Serato DJ then you don’t need to fork out for extra USB controllers to deliver next-next level DJ sets……… can now do it on your iPhone!

Serato Scratch & DJ Remote Mini Software

You can browse and load tracks, trigger samples, change Cue points, loop things to your hearts content and generally mess things RIGHT up, all from the comfort of your iPhone (wirelessly of course!). ┬áThe app had previously been available for the iPad but has been redesigned and rewritten for the iPhone for maximum usability (i.e. they haven’t just done a straight port and made the trigger buttons incredibly small and un-usable).

Obviously power at this level comes with a hefty price tag so you’l have to start saving now…..oh hang on, its only $4.99 on the iTunes App Store!



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