Spy in the House of Traps


Lindsay Todd is quite the polymath. Well… he maybe wouldn’t describe himself as such, but it sounds interesting and arcane, so it’s staying in. There’s probably too many things that Mr Todd is involved in to give a full and typical interview-intro rundown (including career asides like appearing as a child extra in The Krankies rendition of Starman), so we’ll stick to the relevant bits: Founder of the Firecracker Recordings, Unthank and Schevchenko labels, not to mention being an overall creative powerhouse under the umbrella name of House of Traps, which covers printing, design, art, music production and DJing. We’ve always known that we would one day have a long, hard chat with Lindsay that didn’t solely consist of both of us fretting over the logistics of record manufacturing. Well, here it is. To boot, the man himself has also graced us with a two-hour long mix of wildly varying styles and diggers knowledge, which we strongly recommended you listen to. 

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Serato DJ 1.6 unifying the nation

First there was Serato Scratch.  Then there was Serato itch.  Then there was Serato Intro.  Then there was………………..

…….Serato DJ.  Itch worked with some controllers that were specifically made for it but worked differently depending on what controller it was you had bought (Allen & Heath version was specific to their controller, Novation Twitch version was specific to Twitch etc) and then they scrapped Itch and announced Serato DJ…which originally only worked on a limited range of controllers and didn’t work with any of the existing Serato DJ hardware.  Confused?  So were the majority of Seratos’ users and the DJ Community at large. Continue reading