Marty’s Back Room Boogie Experiments Part 15 – In Pictures

Sussed it. Just post pictures of the records.. no waffle, no bullshit, no info even. Here’s some pictures of the records on my deck this evening…. work the rest out for yourself.


Ok wee bit of info.. it’s Funkineven and Jay Daniel. Out soon. 


Don’t have much info to give on this one.. not sure who it is.. Dan did tell  me, and I canny mind..but what does it matter. It’s rather good. Out soon on Dixon Avenue Bum Jams.


Been having serious desires to listen to old Ifach records of recent, and have come across a few, but my records have been in boxes last few months as had floors sanded in our flat. Still getting them back out now.. it’s a big job..but just found Ifach002 and 003 there. Killer.


Levels. 003. Lord Tusk. I love this shit. LEVELS001 was one of my records of last year. Lord Tusk as well. And 002 aint bad either.

Now here’s a record, that I’ve tried to locate for a couple of years or so.. and was frustrating me that never came across it. Well I just one of those aforementioned boxes. A 69 classic if ever there was one..


EPY – Affluenza EP – Land in Sicht I think the track is called. Well I know it’s called that, as I just looked at the record. Didn’t know myself until there. Then again I don’t even know the track names of some of my favourite records. I’m a kind of remember how it looks on the deck sorta guy. And maybe the odd catalogue number.

This was meant to be just pictures, and now I’m typing track names I didn’t even know myself. AND.. giving away some of my best kept Techno secrets.


I’m away to phone Barrie and discuss how to be Underground.

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