Rubadub meets Snazzy FX

Modular Synths are getting a LOT of interest at the moment and one of the nicest thing about the whole movement is that unlike the mainstream manufacturers, it’s usually fairly easy to contact and speak to the actual designer of the equipment you are using, the person who did the graphics, the person who packs the boxes and the person who runs the company. In fact it’s most often all the same person.

You only have to look at a Snazzy FX module to know that you’re dealing with a person or people who are a little bit off the beaten track. With their tripped out graphics and company strapline of “Travel At Your Own Peril” you can tell you’re going to get something a bit different here… Continue reading

Stems: a new audio format from Native Instruments


Native Instruments are always looking to push the art of DJing forward. They were among the first to allow control of digital sound files via timecoded vinyl with their Final Scratch package, and since then have provided a myriad of other controllers, giving DJs an increasingly wide range of instruments on which to perform their music and hopefully come up with some next-level sets.

Enter Stems. Continue reading