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Why you can never have too many VCAs

They say you can never have too many VCAs…

Inspired by the mighty Mylar Melodies recent video we thought we should round up six of our favourite VCAs…


First up, it’s the bold ALM Tangle Quartet. A VCA that is perfect for summing audio signals. Super-clean, super-silent, super space-efficient and elegant too. This killer from ALM is a firm favourite at RAD.



At two it’s something completely different… the Snazzy FX Hi-Gain. It’s a VCA but also something completely insane/incredible from the brilliant mind of Dan Snazelle. This is part-VCA/part-distortion/all amazing. If you want to explore the outer reaches of sound experimentation with your eurorack system and “BOOST ASYMMETRICAL HAPPINESS” then you should buy at least 2.



Third in our list (which is in no particular order btw) is Mutable Instruments Veils.  Launched simultaneously with Blinds it’s a VCA that’s capable of linear and exponential operation with a sensibly spaced panel. For those of us who want something that’s the polar opposite of Snazzy’s creation this is a great, cost-effective module.



“Keep it simple, stupid” said, Dick Dale. Manlike Jason Coates aka Manhattan Analog does exactly that every time. His modules are fantastically well made and efficient, elegant designs. The aptly named Manhattan Analog VCA is a perfect example.



We had to have something with a tube in it in this list. Step up Erica Synths and their Fusion VCA. It’s also insanely thin for a tube-equipped VCA. Skiff friendly!



Lastly, we have the Intellijel Quad VCA. Equally adept at handling CVs or audio signals thanks to exponential and linear operation it’s another ‘built-like-a-tank-module’ from the Vancouver crew.


As with all lists we’re pretty certain we’ll have made some glaring omissions and, of course, everyone will have their personal favourite.  So, tell us, what’s your favourite VCA?

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Arturia Drumbrute Drum Synth Preview

Last month we got a shot of the Arturia Drumbrute.

Resident Rubadub Glasgow synth-head Aleks takes a look at the newest drum-machine in town, the Arturia Drumbrute in our latest demo video above.

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The somewhat overdue Rubadub NAMM roundup…


OK. We’ve been busy since we got back from sunny LA, ok? We know that this should have been posted as soon as we got back but at least this way you’ve all already had time to digest the news bombardment being shot at you from every music-technology media source available and you actually want to hear some opinions. So, with that in mind, here goes….

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