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Modal Cobalt Firmware v1.1 Available Now

Modal Electronics Announces COBALT8 Firmware Update v1.1

Six all new algorithms for the COBALT Series’ unique waveform architecture, plus raft of workflow enhancements, empowers users with even more power in their creative arsenal.

Calling all synth-heads! Now there’s even more reason to add a COBALT Series synthesiser to your collection with Modal Electronic’s immediate release of firmware update v1.1. Featuring six new algorithms for their unique waveform architecture, alongside a number of user-requested workflow enhancements, the COBALT8, COBALT8M and COBALT8X furnish producers, performers and synth fanatics with even more fuel to ignite their creativity.

The COBALT Series: Beyond Analogue

Comprising three models – the COBALT8, COBALT8M and COBALT8X – the COBALT Series take the revered attributes of legendary vintage synths from the past, injecting progressive concepts in sound generation techniques without compromising the timbral warmth and iconic workflow modern creators demand. Fusing Modal Electronics’ sophisticated modulation and performance engine, this family of synths deliver an expansive and diverse spectrum of sounds applicable to all musical genres.

Under the hood, the COBALT Series is fueled by dual independent oscillator groups with up to 4 oscillators each and an immense 40 unique complex algorithms to choose from. Fuse this with MPE support, 1:1 integration with MODALapp, an integrated 512-note realtime/step sequencer, a 32-step programmable arpeggiator with powerful animation lanes, connectivity for any situation and Modal Electronics’s proprietary morphable 4-pole Ladder Filter, and it’s easy to see why the COBALT Series heralds a new era in virtual-analogue synthesiser technology.

New in Firmware v1.1

With the introduction of COBALT8 Firmware v1.1, users have access to six new unique algorithms firmly focussed on FM and AM oscillation models complete with dual controls for precise sound sculpting capability. These new algorithms include:

  • FM Saw:Square: Frequency Modulation using a Sawtooth as the carrier and a Square as the modulator with full control over FM Depth (A) and Modulator Frequency Ratio (B)
  • FM Square:Square: Frequency Modulation using a Square as both the carrier and modulator with full control over FM Depth (A) and Modulator Frequency Ratio (B)
  • FM Tri:Square: Frequency Modulation using a Triangle as the carrier and a Square as the modulator with full control over FM Depth (A) and Modulator Frequency Ratio (B)
  • Noise AM Saw: Sawtooth Wave amplitude modulated by a filtered noise source with full control over AM Depth (A) and Noise filter cutoff (B)
  • Noise AM Square: Square Wave amplitude modulated by a filtered noise source with full control over AM Depth (A) and Noise filter cutoff (B)
  • Noise AM Tri: Triangle Wave amplitude modulated by a filtered noise source with full control over AM Depth (A) and Noise filter cutoff (B)
  • In addition, Firmware v1.1 adds a raft of new feature updates and workflow enhancements including a Master Clock Mode to continually send MIDI clock information to compatible studio peripherals.

Introducing MODALapp

In tandem with the COBALT8 Firmware Update v1.1, Modal Electronics has also released MODALapp v2.7, empowering the synth making community with a number of stability enhancements and performance improvements. MODALapp is a free sound editor for Modal Electronics hardware. It allows precise edits for all synthesis and performance features alongside facilities to effortlessly install the latest firmware updates across the entire line of Modal Electronics Synthesisers.

As a multi-platform app it is available for macOS, iOS, iPadOS, Windows computers and Android mobile devices. The additional VST3 and AU plug-ins keep users firmly in the flow while producing music with any compatible DAW software, like Ableton Live, Cubase, Logic Pro X and others

Moog Grandmother Dark Series

New design for Moog’s Semi-Modular Synthesizers

Moog Music announced a new addition to its line of semi-modular keyboard synthesizers. Dark Series for Matriarch and Grandmother strikes the perfect balance between classic and modern, featuring an all-black aesthetic that invokes the timeless look of early Moog modular systems—with all the functionality and versatility these two state-of-the-art sound design machines are known for.

The new visual twist for Grandmother and Matriarch is a nod to the modular control panel designs that inspired their very creation. In 2018, when the first of these two patchable analog keyboard synthesizers was introduced, Moog explained that “Grandmother’s circuits, spirit, and spring reverb are inspired by the classic Moog modular synthesizers designed by Bob Moog during the 60s and 70s.” The instrument quickly became a staple in studio setups and live performance settings, a go-to first synthesizer for beginners, and a multifaceted creative tool for musicians of all skill levels to explore. Following Grandmother’s success, Moog developed an even more expansive, expressive semi-modular analog keyboard synthesizer: the four-note paraphonic Matriarch.

A complement to the distinct multi-colored artwork of the original Matriarch and Grandmother synthesizers, Dark Series presents a style option that celebrates the intersection of tradition and innovation.

Check out Lisa Bella Donna’s first encounter with the Dark Series Matriarch and Grandmother synthesizers alongside their keyless counterparts: Mother-32, DFAM, and Subharmonicon.

Instruments used:
Matriarch (Dark Series)
Grandmother (Dark Series)
– 8x Mother-32
– 2x DFAM
– 2x Subharmonicon

Novation Launchpad Pro MK3 Firmware update

Launchpad Pro [MK3] v1.2 Firmware Update

Creative capabilities expand with off-grid beats and new expression possibilities.

Brand new in the v1.2 firmware update for Launchpad Pro [MK3] are new features that expand the creative and performance capabilities of the much-loved grid controller.

The first of the new features is called Unquantised Recording, which is activated by holding ‘Shift’ and pressing ‘Record Quantise’ while in the sequencer page of Launchpad Pro [MK3]. When Unquantised Record is active, notes will record directly to Micro Steps, creating beats and patterns with a more organic, human feel, which are a purer expression of a player’s unique musical groove. Unquantised Recording can be used to create out-of-this-world, off-grid beats, reminiscent of the style of J Dilla, ?uestlove and others famous for breaking rhythmic norms.

Also in the v1.2 firmware update for Launchpad Pro [MK3] is a new feature that lets you perform and record sequences with even more intricacy and nuance than before. With the sequencer running, you can momentarily perform the selected velocity, mutation or probability values and record them into the pattern, to build expression and unpredictability into sequences. These functions breathe life into your patterns and help your music and creativity stand out.

Another new addition is the ability to set the threshold of the trigger pads, to find your perfect response, and tailor Launchpad Pro to your unique playing style. Whether you prefer a super-sensitive response or you need to compensate for a heavier touch, there’s a setting for you.

Lastly, Legacy Mode re-introduces the User layout of the original Launchpad Pro. This brings a level of backwards compatibility that opens the door to a world of legacy applications and lightshow performances, and gives long-term Launchpad Pro users a way to transfer their old projects into the Launchpad Pro [MK3] environment.

The firmware update is available through Components, your Novation Product Hub

(Note that this update only applies to Launchpad Pro [MK3]; previous versions of Launchpad or Launchpad Pro are not affected.)