Modal Cobalt Firmware v1.1 Available Now

Modal Electronics Announces COBALT8 Firmware Update v1.1

Six all new algorithms for the COBALT Series’ unique waveform architecture, plus raft of workflow enhancements, empowers users with even more power in their creative arsenal.

Calling all synth-heads! Now there’s even more reason to add a COBALT Series synthesiser to your collection with Modal Electronic’s immediate release of firmware update v1.1. Featuring six new algorithms for their unique waveform architecture, alongside a number of user-requested workflow enhancements, the COBALT8, COBALT8M and COBALT8X furnish producers, performers and synth fanatics with even more fuel to ignite their creativity.

The COBALT Series: Beyond Analogue

Comprising three models – the COBALT8, COBALT8M and COBALT8X – the COBALT Series take the revered attributes of legendary vintage synths from the past, injecting progressive concepts in sound generation techniques without compromising the timbral warmth and iconic workflow modern creators demand. Fusing Modal Electronics’ sophisticated modulation and performance engine, this family of synths deliver an expansive and diverse spectrum of sounds applicable to all musical genres.

Under the hood, the COBALT Series is fueled by dual independent oscillator groups with up to 4 oscillators each and an immense 40 unique complex algorithms to choose from. Fuse this with MPE support, 1:1 integration with MODALapp, an integrated 512-note realtime/step sequencer, a 32-step programmable arpeggiator with powerful animation lanes, connectivity for any situation and Modal Electronics’s proprietary morphable 4-pole Ladder Filter, and it’s easy to see why the COBALT Series heralds a new era in virtual-analogue synthesiser technology.

New in Firmware v1.1

With the introduction of COBALT8 Firmware v1.1, users have access to six new unique algorithms firmly focussed on FM and AM oscillation models complete with dual controls for precise sound sculpting capability. These new algorithms include:

  • FM Saw:Square: Frequency Modulation using a Sawtooth as the carrier and a Square as the modulator with full control over FM Depth (A) and Modulator Frequency Ratio (B)
  • FM Square:Square: Frequency Modulation using a Square as both the carrier and modulator with full control over FM Depth (A) and Modulator Frequency Ratio (B)
  • FM Tri:Square: Frequency Modulation using a Triangle as the carrier and a Square as the modulator with full control over FM Depth (A) and Modulator Frequency Ratio (B)
  • Noise AM Saw: Sawtooth Wave amplitude modulated by a filtered noise source with full control over AM Depth (A) and Noise filter cutoff (B)
  • Noise AM Square: Square Wave amplitude modulated by a filtered noise source with full control over AM Depth (A) and Noise filter cutoff (B)
  • Noise AM Tri: Triangle Wave amplitude modulated by a filtered noise source with full control over AM Depth (A) and Noise filter cutoff (B)
  • In addition, Firmware v1.1 adds a raft of new feature updates and workflow enhancements including a Master Clock Mode to continually send MIDI clock information to compatible studio peripherals.

Introducing MODALapp

In tandem with the COBALT8 Firmware Update v1.1, Modal Electronics has also released MODALapp v2.7, empowering the synth making community with a number of stability enhancements and performance improvements. MODALapp is a free sound editor for Modal Electronics hardware. It allows precise edits for all synthesis and performance features alongside facilities to effortlessly install the latest firmware updates across the entire line of Modal Electronics Synthesisers.

As a multi-platform app it is available for macOS, iOS, iPadOS, Windows computers and Android mobile devices. The additional VST3 and AU plug-ins keep users firmly in the flow while producing music with any compatible DAW software, like Ableton Live, Cubase, Logic Pro X and others

Marty’s Backroom Boogie Experiments Part 807

These are getting rarer, but when the conditions are right… the inspiration… Will TTT, …  the records, … these records that I’ve brought home today, and are so collectively good that I feel the need to share….the time.. I’ve ring fenced a couple hours on a Friday night.. or Sat morn to be more precise…and the Tennent’s… found a couple of cans in the back of the cupboard… when it all comes together, then you’ve just got to go for it, and share your shite.

Except, there’s no shite tonight.. just some of these beltin records I bought today.  Maybe.




Waaooo, stop the bus. Shite on yer own shoes. Minute the needle hits this record, in the bag. Boom job done.  I’d have been happy to have just had this purchase from today.

The bus doors are stuck, and I’m 3 stops past my destination. I think I’m heading for the terminus…  again. Just as well the bus driver is rocking out the new Hard Beach Entertainment record, HBE008, Reflective Souls.. whoever they may be, the B1 track is sounding like one of those Detroit classics they play on the People Mover, or the number 19 from Ann Abor.




The driver has just mixed it into this double decker of a tune from Karate_Fix & DJ Sotofett. – Arjun (Sex Tags Mania 29).  Now you know you’re alway on to a winner with Sotofett, and he likes a journey. You know the sort of records if you take it off before the end you miss something.  The sort of record that if you listen to on the bus or a train, or boat or plane come to that, or even my Vespa, then it will take you on a journey, on a journey.  And all for £7.00  (with your Techno Bus Pass)




I do love the cliche, that the music takes you on a journey. Especially if it’s a bus journey. Up the back with a carry out.

A Journeyman for me was Markant. When I listened to his records, it was like going on holiday. I used to say fuck going on holiday this year, I’m just going to stay at home and listen to Markant records.  This TTT record I’m just listening to, is kind of doing the same.  One minute I’m in Majorca dipping my toes in the sea.. in 1976, next I’m having a pish in the ladies toilets in Machu Picchu, and then Cleethorpes. Powerful stuff.

After all that, I don’t have the link, as it’s not on the web site yet. Here’s a pic. CS + Kreme on The Trilogy Tapes. and they’ve probably never even been to Cleethorpes.




The bus driver is know dancing on his seat in his under crackers, and I just said to him, “Here mate, can you keep your eye on the road”, he said “It’s not a rode it’s a Moog”

That’s time for this journey to come to an end.  The bus has just pulled up at the Paisley terminus.  It doesn’t matter where you go, on your travels, whether with your body or with your records, it’s always good to come home .  And put on a Jesse Rae record.

The South Side Shufflers label, no clue where they are from.. probably Amsterdam, London and places like that, but I’m thinking maybe Glasgow, have pressed up these two Jesse Rae tracks from I’m guessing around 1995.  Jesse Rae, a true Scottish legend, and dresses like one. What can I say in such a short time about him, as I’m getting kicked off the bus, but he was born with the the Funk, the B-Funk. Fresh outa St Boswells in the Scottish Borders, Zapped with the Zapp, gave the B-Funk to the P-Funk, and wrote ‘Inside Out’ for Odyssey. He is also not influenced by fashion.




For further research, check this. ..

But more importantly buy the record. It’s still brilliant even without a back story.

And remember, never get out of the bus, absolutely goddam right, unless you’re going all the Rae.







DJ Dump Dump’s Record Dump

It’s (last) Friday night, and I had a pile of records here that I wanted to ‘lay down’.. ‘in da mix’.. get a dump on’.. but can’t locate cable for my Tascam recorder.  DJ Pissed off.  So ..No Mix ! .. (good name for a Little Mix tribute band that actually),.. but here is a quick batter through some of the records that I was going to ‘drop’.

AA02 – Steve Julien – Apache.Bloodline LP. (Apron)


The Funk(ineven)meister never fails to disappoint me. Just got this home today. I’ll be singing this ‘Apache’ tune in my head in coming weeks I’m sure, thinking WTF is this mofo . Noting.  And there’s more on that LP, I’ll look forward to exploring . He’s like the Jimmy Cricket of Techno for me.. “Come here, there’s more'”

INC-005 – Shit I should know who this is.. Richard told me today. But hey, as long as got the catalogue number. I do know it’s on Incensio – in fact I don’t, I dont even know the exact label name.. but it’s something like that, give or take a few letters.  I do know it’s a certain hip cool New York couple’s label, and also that no’s 2, 3 and 4 should be out before this one. I’ll check into this a bit further, and update you next year.

Delroy Edwards – LACR023. Live release this week, boom, flying out. Had the test for few weeks, and still I’m flicking through trying to decide best track. They’re all good. VFM ALERT.


LOOD009 – Le Frère – N8ttt (Lights of our Days) Don’t really know what to say about this at time of typing. I’d try and describe it, but it’s the kind of record that describes itself.

Loidis – A Parade in the Place I sit, the floating world. (and all it’s pleasures). ANNO-002 .. Took me longer to type the title of the record than it lasted. Definitely title of the week. It’s taking me on a journey. And so is the music. Oh aye if interested it’s Huerco S, on Hank Jacksons label.


Jayda G and Alexa Dash – Diva Bitch remixes – (Freak Cult)  Stripped back, maybe even literally, female vocal house, akin Soul City,  coupled with the  NY Diva’s to the Dance floor styleee. (Only the cool Diva’s though) … DJ Fettburger on the knobs.


That’s it from me, I’m off to the Parade in the Place I sit, the floating world, and all it’s pleasures.

and have a Dump Dump

Why you can never have too many VCAs

They say you can never have too many VCAs…

Inspired by the mighty Mylar Melodies recent video we thought we should round up six of our favourite VCAs…


First up, it’s the bold ALM Tangle Quartet. A VCA that is perfect for summing audio signals. Super-clean, super-silent, super space-efficient and elegant too. This killer from ALM is a firm favourite at RAD.



At two it’s something completely different… the Snazzy FX Hi-Gain. It’s a VCA but also something completely insane/incredible from the brilliant mind of Dan Snazelle. This is part-VCA/part-distortion/all amazing. If you want to explore the outer reaches of sound experimentation with your eurorack system and “BOOST ASYMMETRICAL HAPPINESS” then you should buy at least 2.



Third in our list (which is in no particular order btw) is Mutable Instruments Veils.  Launched simultaneously with Blinds it’s a VCA that’s capable of linear and exponential operation with a sensibly spaced panel. For those of us who want something that’s the polar opposite of Snazzy’s creation this is a great, cost-effective module.



“Keep it simple, stupid” said, Dick Dale. Manlike Jason Coates aka Manhattan Analog does exactly that every time. His modules are fantastically well made and efficient, elegant designs. The aptly named Manhattan Analog VCA is a perfect example.



We had to have something with a tube in it in this list. Step up Erica Synths and their Fusion VCA. It’s also insanely thin for a tube-equipped VCA. Skiff friendly!



Lastly, we have the Intellijel Quad VCA. Equally adept at handling CVs or audio signals thanks to exponential and linear operation it’s another ‘built-like-a-tank-module’ from the Vancouver crew.


As with all lists we’re pretty certain we’ll have made some glaring omissions and, of course, everyone will have their personal favourite.  So, tell us, what’s your favourite VCA?

Hit us up at with your opinion!

DJ General’s 5 Star Selections Jan 18

Who’s DJ General ? Who know’s ? Who care’s ?.. but here’s some records he’s bought this week , and listening to now, and deciding to share with you. I think the General seems to have bought a few records with fancy sleeves this week.  Maybe he’s more into art than music. Or maybe it’s just.. ‘the arts’.  A fancy sleeve however should have no bearing on wether you like a record or not, but it shouldn’t put you off either. . In fact maybe I’ll just go digital. 🙂

Turns out I’m digging the fancy sleeved releases. ..

TTT – Parris. New to me.  First record I’ve got by him.  Where have I been ..  the concoction of electronic music that I love.  I’ll need to go and buy his previous releases.. just hope they’ve got good sleeves.


DJ Duke – Green Pastures (Solo Works) – Fresh outa Dublin. But on my deck right now is da man Nicuri’s Remix. (Fresh outa New Joiseee). Proper Tech-House !!  .. That was a journalistic genre that just seemed to suck in all the bad records, and then you almost couldn’t say Techno and House in the same sentence,  but as I know, you know, and the General knows, many of our favourite records are a blend of Techno and House.. should you want to even try and categorise. .. A good record is good record.  (which I suppose is kind of categorising as well). Don’t get me started on pigeon holes. In fact, just make up your own categories. Every record I like, I’m putting into the ‘shite’ category, and who are you to tell me any different !

I seem to have deviated from actually telling you about this record, that has inspired me to rant some shite about categorising music, which I think I’m saying is.. categorise it yourself. Good, Bad, Techno, House, Electronic bamboozlement, The sound of Barry Manilow’s maws 2nd wedding.. whatever the fuck you like.  Decide for yourself. But where was I, oh aye, this record.. it’s sort of Techno’y House’y, like the modern sound of New York, meets the original sound of Chicago,. Think Levon Vincent meets Virgo Four…. at Barry Manilow’s maws wedding.


Subapical002 – Compadres of Lundun’s Brokn Toys label, with more Techno leanings.. should you want to categorise. (ps. all categories could be wrong) If you see it in a record shop, give it a listen. Techno-Electro, or maybe Electro-Techno. Track I’m listening to, sounds like a few of my favourite records rolled into one.  (from the Techno and Electro genre’s)


Ahh shit, I was going to tell you about another record there, but it’s not got a fancy sleeve…

But before I go.. as far as fancy sleeves go, you’ll struggle to beat this one..  from the Sotofett camp. Fancy sleeve trump card…

In fact I seem to have made it the picture at header of this blog. Fuck knows how I did that. If you’ve actually read this far, then you want to have a good look at yourself !

All I know is that a  Pinacolada will never taste the same.

Oh and here’s a wee recording of 3 of tracks I’ve been waxing about, and relaxing to in my back room this Friday evening.. . but ironically, not the pinacolada one.  With a cover like that though.. doesn’t really matter what the music’s like, you’re buying it.

I guess the moral of the story is, ” Judge a record by it’s cover”  🙂


Marty’s Back Room Boogie Experiments Circa 05/05.

Just realised it’s 06/05 now. Fell before the first hurdle. Having a wee chortle at my own stupidity there. If you can’t laugh at yourself, then you shouldn’t be allowed to laugh at all. In fact I think that’s the laughing police just passing by window just now. Not stopping at my house ! See ye’s later.

I better be quick, tell you about the 4 great records I brought home today, and don’t type pish. That’s what I’m going to do.

First of the four, is Lutto lento – Dark Secret World LP on Where to Now. Oooft. Yes. I loved the Lutto Lento 12 on WTN from while back.. and this record is booting me in the same baw… maybe even the other one as well. And It’s a proper LP. Just listened to two sides, and I think it’s getting flipped. I’m on his journey. Mento Lento.


ASC003 – 7 inch from Niagara. Ascender is the label. We just got stock delivered during week, in the best 7 inch cardboard boxes think I’ve seen. 3 7’s long. 21 inches I hear you think.. but it was probably a bit more like 22 23 with the packaging. Good boxes. And good records therein. In fact no one saw these records getting delivered, we are pretty sure they made their own way here. In fact I didn’t even put it on my deck right now. I’m currently standing arms aloft, saying Praise to the Techno Gods for delivering unto me ! . whilst at the same time, thinking, have I got a Techno Ali Bongo in my midst.


NCA004 – Dunno much more about. Apart from we are distributing and it’s a serious record. I have actually been looking forward to getting this TP.. as heard some of their music before… on Funkineven’s radio show, and we also had some of their tapes in the shop.. that I really wanted to hear more, and even got my old cassette deck wired back up especially to listen.. and it chewed the tape up. But I’ll try again.. it’s a double tape deck, with a dolby button.

IMG_1119 2

and the last one.. which is a bit different from before..  shite, I can’t even read the name. I think that’s down to the artwork being a bit blurred, and not my eyes. I’ll need to check that again tomorrow. It does though sound like Prince and David Bowie camping out my back door.. in Barrhead… with me shouting out the window, ‘Howw cunts, want to keep it down, I’m trying to listen to this new Broken Call Record’ !

It does win the prize for the best label art of the night


Records. Nice.


Marty’s Back Room Half Hour Boogie Experiments 1

I’m on the clock. There’s too many half written un posted blogs on the go here. I’m giving myself half an hour, then hitting the post button regardless. Starting… now. (Im simulating hitting a clock with a button) Like a Techno Chess player. Ahh shit, that would mean it’s someone else turn.. I think I might be falling at the first hurdle here… typing shite for 25 minutes and mentioning a couple of tunes in at the end. I’ve recognised the problem and addressing it.. the records ran out though.

And a good one it was too.. imho. Got few weeks back, and been one of my favourite rotators since.

Just checked link.. seems bit fast..   or maybe as usual I’m pitching down. Or maybe even playing at the wrong speed. Who cares.. I don’t give a fuck how the artist wanted it to sound, just that it sounds brilliant to me. In fact I’m getting a flashback.. I’m sure I’ve said that to someone.. “I really love the xx track, absolute belter..  but at the wrong speed”. Just in case you were about to get above yourself there.

Oh aye, 15 mins gone.. half time. I’ll have wee beer break, and be back to you once refreshed. .. aye if I had time.. it’s fast and furious blogging here. Power Blogging. I’ve only played 1 record right enough. Can you imagine DJ Godfather doing this. 15 minutes, he’s played about 50 records by now. One word about each. I’m going to steal that right off him.. or myself even.. belter.. shite. ..ghetto…love..prism.. artichoke.. etc. But that’s for another blog.

10 mins.. record on now.. STEPBACK001. – ThinkTank. Not heard of them for a while. Just grabbed this up the road today.. not knowing anything about it,  and low n behold turns out it’s timeless Edinburgh Techno.  When I say that, it’s timeless, as it could have been recorded anytime in the last 20 years.. Certainly ‘W Sludge’ track I’m listening to now…it’s just good techno.. and from Edinburgh.

Which brings me neatly to next record I’m putting on.  I don’t know a great deal about it, you may know more about than me, but I know it’s got a gold sleeve, it says GQOM OH ! on it, it’s a double LP, and I know it’s from Durban.

It says “The Future Sound of Durban” on the cover. My first thought was.. “this is brilliant, I’m heading down there”, but apparently Durban is in South Africa, and not Northumberland, as I thought. Anyway, it’s a gatefold sleeve and looks like all the information I need is contained in the inside of the sleeve there, but it’s shrink wrapped and I’m not feeling I want to rip it off to get that info. Who cares.. all I care is that there’s a few belters of tunes on there.

And remember, it’s not where you’re at.. it’s where you’re from !!  (or something like that)..  Or where you can get to in half an hour to be more precise.




Rubadub’s Back Room Boogie Experiments – Pt.1


Rather than just having to listen to one man’s shite (not the artist),  then we are extending the Back Room Boogie Experiments, where there will be contributions from various members of the Rubadub clan. ( Ed – We’ll see about that)

The vibe is.. sharing with you what we are listening to in our back rooms of an evening, (when I say back rooms, I mean the house, rather than the super club), and  deem that the the record is worthy of a mention. Nothing more than that. You can decide yourself whether they are good or not,. I’d like to think most will be, but while we like to think of ourselves as very professional, I’d imagine there will be few slip through where the author has been on the Tennent’s.

I’m going to kick off this Back Room Boogie Experiments and share what I’m listening to right now with you. . think I might be repeating myself already..   but what I’m not going to do, is talk too much shite.  Just records..  do I need to say.. it’s just records ? I’m sure you’ll know that anyway..  (Ed – apart from a cassette)


First few ones I’ve got playing are from a  wee batch I brought home today.  (Ed – this was actually written couple weeks ago, and just not posted.. common problem that with DJ Doh here). .. Think there could be few belters in here . Just realised the first 2 listened to are from Japan.  Samo DJ & Maxxbass – SNAKER008. Sounding like I’ll get my moneys worth out of this, and this other bad ass mofo T’s-001. BRF. Freaky Japanese Techno.  On the minor chord, and rough as. (but that might just be my needle). Thinking U-Trax meets Jamal Moss on a bullet train. Japanese Techno records.. like buses.  Here’s an upside down pic of the Future Sound of Japan selection..

img_0652 - Back Room Boogie Experiments

(Ed – Also from Japan. NCA PAN. on Cassette. Check that out.. if you’ve got a cassette ‘player’)

Now I’m delving in to this blast from the past.. well about 2 weeks ago..  (Ed -now 4) .. but suspect will be on the deck for more than a few weeks to come. ISPT010. Le Matin Isaiah Tapes. However just checked this link, and the killer track I’m listening to now, isn’t there. Guess you’ll just need to buy the record if want to know what that sounds like. There are others on there worth the purchase anyway. VFM.


I also got this wee nugget of a present sent to me last week.(Ed – now  3) It was like Christmas come early. Egg box for packaging, cracker of a postcard enclosed, and a belter of 7 inch record. Amfibia21. I think there’s some Japanese connection there as well.



Thumbs Up record on TTT ! Anthony Naples – Slice for Life.  Bought this last week (Ed – now 2), not knowing what was. Nailer. Loving it.  Flipping it. Big up ma man Anthony Naples, who’s been releasing some seriously good shit on his Proibito label. Consistently. I’m just looking for my PRB019 test. Had for a while. Love it, but canny find it. But anyway, it’s released next week. (Ed – now last) Check that out as well. Although I think I just ventured into talking about records I’m thinking about, rather than playing. Can’t allow that !  “Oh aye I was thinking about that belter of a tune, in fact I’ve not even bought it yet”.  That’s for a different blog. There’s no shite talking on here !   (Ed – too late) . PLAYING NOW.. the new Novel Sound NS-15. .. both sides.  I seem to have moved from Japan to NYC ! Here’s a wee pic of some Brooklyn Beats.



I seem to be getting very geographical about my music this evening.

But If your going to get geographical about your music, then you’ll struggle to beat this. Especially if from the west coast of Scotland. Big in Brodick !!

img_0653 - Back Room Boogie Experiments

(Ed – You’re barred)



Sequencias: The Elusive Triumph


Sequencias is the NYC based label set up by JM De Frias in 2011. The label’s oeuvre is far from easy to generalise, ranging from challenging and cerebral electronics to demented jakbeat workouts, but one thing is certain: Only open minds will reap the full benefit from it’s growing discography, and whether you’re hearing Aroy Dee’s blinding remix of Willie Burns’ “Another Place, Another Time” in the club, or The Healing Force Project’s “Hybrid 1” in the headphones, you can guarantee you’ll be treated to an impeccable palette of sounds thanks to the on-point curation of De Frias and the stunning talents of the artists he chooses to grace his label. He also just happens to be a seriously killer DJ with far-ranging tastes, so we thought we’d rope him into doing a mix for us, and thankfully he obliged. With Ame, Michael Boothman and Agitation Free (to name but a few) featuring, where could you possibly go wrong? Not only that, but we had the chance to catch up De Frias for a chat about Sequencias’ modus operandi, some of it’s highlights so far and hot nuggets scheduled for the future…         Continue reading