For those of you fortunate enough to own one of the astounding Doepfer Dark Energy synthesisers you’ll be pleased to know that, courtesy of some dope flash programming, patch memory is now possible. Well, sort of. Check it out here.

Thanks have to go to our customer, Blair Cowan, for pointing this out and for those of you who fancy a bit of synth-mentalism you can check out our Dan’s patch above…

With the abundance of affordable, analogue clones of classic kit out there, a whole new generation of music-makers are able to get those classic sounds without having to get their mitts on expensive, hard-to-obtain, ridiculously over-priced and unreliable bits of so-called ‘classic’ hardware. Take the MFB-522 and Mode Machines x0xb0x for example. To get your hands on a ‘real’ TB303 and TR808 would be the best part of £4k and here we have a demonstration showing that you can have those sounds for a fraction of the cost. In fact, the figure that could be saved might be as large as £3,200 and we reckon that that’s where the smart money will go.


Everyone knows that if you like the good shit then Universal Audio are one of the brands you’ll be familiar with. They are also remarkably generous with their giveaways and this particular promotion is a biggie and no mistake. Basically, the deal is that when you buy a Universal Audio LA-610 mk2 channel strip (that’s a classic piece of studio hardware for anyone not in the know) then you’ll get either a UAD Satellite Duo or UAD PCI Duo totally free. Yep, that’s right, free as in gratis, de nada, hee-haw, you pay nothing! Couple that with the fact that you get a bundle of software free of charge with either the UAD Satellite or PCI accelerator cards if you register today and you have a Universal Audio mega-deal! Oh, and there’s also some more information on the deal at the UAD site here and you can buy the LA-610 right here.

Blawan & Pariah launch new label…

Blawan and Pariah, two UK producers who constantly push the boundaries of techno and bass music have started a new label series called  ‘Works The Long Nights’. The first limited release is out in November,comes on 180g stamped vinyl and is exclusively distributed by Rubadub. 

The debut releases comes from their collaborative project ‘Karenn’ and is now available to pre-order from Rubadub.


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The Novation Digital DJ Tour comes to Rubadub

Novation are about to embark on an 11-date UK tour to showcase their versatile digital DJ product range. They will be coming to Rubadub on Wednesday September 14th, if you would like to attend then please register at or mail

Novation Product Specialist Iain Horrocks will be demonstrating Twitch — the new touchstrip controller from Novation — and also showcasing other current DJ products, including the Stanton SCS.4DJ, Novation Launchpad, Dicer, and the Zero SL MkII USB/MIDI controller.

The aim of the tour is to give DJs of all ages, styles and abilities a chance to see the different ways in which these products can be used and how to get the best out of them by learning the tips and tricks to wow the crowd!

Commenting on the exciting state of affairs in the DJ world, Iain Horrocks adds, “as technology has developed, a new wave of DJ controllerism is upon us. There are lots of choices right now when it comes to software and hardware. This masterclass will allow people to gain a deeper insight into the range of Novation products available to DJs, how they work and the different software that you can use them with whether it be Serato Itch, Scratch Live, Ableton Live, Traktor or stand alone hardware.”