Behold! The Eowave Ribbon! This thing is magnificent. It’s a monosynth, USB/MIDI and CV ribbon controller that is definitely eyecatching. I know some of you will be thinking, ‘yeah, we hear it looks cool but what practical use will it be to me?’ and I suppose the practical applications might be a little limited but that’s hardly the point. This is a controller that makes you think creatively. It works in an entirely different way to the vast majority of controllers available right now and you’ll instantly find yourself inspired as soon as you get your hands on it. On another note, it’s worthwhile considering the impact that this controller would have to the visual aspect of a live performance. Let’s face it, the usual electronic performance setup of one guy crouched behind a laptop possibly checking Facebook is the least visually inspiring liveshow going. Can you imagine how much better it would be if you could be cutting about the stage brandishing the Ribbon like a lightsaber? Well, we can and it is pretty sweet. If you fancy standing out from the crowd both musically and visually then you should seriously have a look at one of these. We absolutely love it.

To purchase or to find out more info on the Eowave Ribbon then please click on the link below.

It’s all L.I.E.S

Ron Morelli’s L.I.E.S. imprint has been on something of a roll for the last twelve months. With releases from Legowelt, Steve Summers, Max Dunbar, Zombi’s Steve Moore, Willie Burns (of Galaxy Toobin’) and his own ‘Two Dogs In A House’ project flying off the shelves at Rubadub we thought it was about time we got to know him a bit better. We could only think of two things to ask though…

My Favourite Record:

Implog-Holland Tunnel Dive (Infidelity Lust/Unlust)

I have been obsessed with this record since I first heard it in 2003 or so. Having listened to it probably hundreds of times, i’ve put entirely too much time into analyzing the possible circumstances under which it was recorded. Released in 1980 this is the piece of music that completely embodies what New York City was at the time and what it should strive to be currently when thinking in terms of actually pushing music in a direction that is truly experimental in every sense of the word. Don Christensen, the man behind this project, was a major player in the downtown music and art scene and was involved in groups such as the Contortions, James White and the Blacks, and also collaborated on other projects with the likes of Jody Harris and Robert Quine.

Anyway, back to the music, I like to imagine this recorded in some bombed out, rat trap of an  apartment on 5th Street, junkies passed out in the hallway, and the player/s having little to no resources to record. They’ve probably have a 4-track, bass guitar, saxaphone (proving to be one of the most unlikely yet effectively instruments used during the break), some sort of drum machine or synth for the percussion, and a vacuum cleaner…definitely a vacuum cleaner. Lyrically, well dude probably has been eating beans from a can, smoking weed all day, and probably had a couple in him as well, he takes a look outside his window and just jots down a stream of conciousness which ends of being some sort of nihilist manifesto or suicide note from someone who is truly at the end of the line. Simple, effective and brutally painful.
All of these elements combined meld in such a perfect and fucked up way, by no means on paper should this record make any type of sense, it should probably suck, it does have a saxophone in it, right? Somehow though, Don Christensen and co. inadvertently made this into a piece of New York City music history that stands the test of time with the best of them. And if you have the balls to play this in a club to a crowd, when that vacuum gets turned in/plane takes off you’ll know exactly who’s down to ride for the rest of the night as it will either completely alienate or potentially change someone’s life

My Favourite Piece of Kit:

Moog-Micro Moog:

Ok, yo straight up, I’m making no bones about this, I just got this thing a month ago and like alot of gear, I have no idea how to properly use it. With that said, I turned it on, ran some delay and reverb, got some appeggiation happening, messed with the cut off, got some synth feedback happening and this thing was just growling, straight up nastiness. A powerful machine to say the least and i’m pretty sure Omar-S used it on the classic track J-A-I-P-U-R from his 2006 double pack. Strictly fo tha international dj only!!!!!

Catch Ron Morelli on the Scottish date of his European tour this weekend, Saturday 3rd December at La Cheetah, 73 Queen Street, Glasgow where he’ll be playing alongside Perseus Traxx for The Guild of Calamitous Intent.

Or if you’re further afield at any one of these dates…

Dec. 2nd-Rotterdam @wORM w/Trackman LaFonte & Xosar 

Dec. 3rd-Glasgow @LaCheetah w/Perseus Traxx 

Dec. 8th-Bucharest,Romania @some club w/ Bogdan 

Dec. 9th-London @the Drop w/Roots Unit & DMX Krew 

Dec. 10th-Manchester @soup Kitchen w/Paul Bennett & Juniper 

Dec. 16th-Berlin @ SOJU Bar w/DJ Sottofett and Hugo Capablanca 

Dec. 17th-Ulm,Germany @some club w/Bleep Geeks

 Find out more at the L.I.E.S Soundcloud


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provided by Rubadub Records – specialists in underground electronic music and studio equipment.



Marty’s Back Room Boogie Experiments 2

Ok, I’m back again.. so soon. I’ll try and remember to hit the ‘post’ button before a week this time. Anyway, it’s Friday Night again, and I’ve not been listening to Pete Waterman on Smooth Radio for a change, so I think we’ll be ploughing the cutting edge Techno furrow this evening. 

Well maybe not, the first record I’ve got on is The Beat Addict’s – Stand Up (Sweat-1) We’ve had this record sitting in our vaults for a few years now, and the time is probably right to let people know. Submerge have restarted the label, with 2, 3 and 4 due for release soon, with DJ John Collins re edits of Happy Soul, and Soul City tracks, that I look forward to hearing, when we get the vinyl in.. as of course I only listen to vinyl. This for me had been a label that just hasn’t put a foot wrong.. 1 release, and an 1 anthem. 100% success rate. I recently dropped (technical DJ term), The Choir Boys – Shout & Dance (Soul City) at the Rubadub 19th Birthday party oblique Virgo Four gig, and an inordinate amount of people came up to ask what it was.. well about 3, but this is in the same vein. Pure Detroit Gospel House. Get in touch with your spiritual self. 

MNX006.66 Some serious electro bamboozlement from Dangerous Dan’s MNX label. I’m not just saying this because of Dan is a main man at Rubadub, but this is probably getting played at Dan’s Monox night in La Cheeta right about… now. 1.55am (CGT – Central Glasgow Time) Am I repeating myself here ? 6 tracks on Monox coloured vinyl, and now available for others to buy apart from the lucky few that Dan has sold to in the shop. Dangerous.

NMBRS17 – I think I may be listening to a Numbers record every Friday night for the next couple of years.. well at least the next few weeks, as they’ve got a few in the pipeline. I have no clue who this one is, as a white label, but the B1 track I think is a mix by Darren aka Actress. Like Cyndi Lauper on valdo’s. Absolutely Gallas.

I keep letting the records run out. I’ll need to start typing faster.. or talking less shite.

Daphni – Jiao (Jiaolong001) is rocking it

John Heckle – r136 (Tabernacle) At least think that’s the track. Whatever it is, I fookin love it. Freaked up, trippy Chicago House Music. Hopefully we’ll have Mr.Heckle down playing at 69 in the coming months.

BNJMN – Revisiting this following his recently releases.. currently on the deck RH-DC7 D3. and D2 just finished. Astute Techno. 

Erik Travis – Don’t get me started. I’ve probably got a full blog or blog post, or whatever you call it, dedicated to the man that is Erik Travis. The Electro Prophet. 

Markant… ditto….. except you might want to slit your wrists at the same time.

I’m away to listen to some gay disco.

Joe Coleman – Test Drive. Not quite gay disco, well depends how u look at it. Might be Hetro Disco. This is a bit more Northern Soul with Electronic Funk. And if anybody wants to argue, I’ll scratch your eyes out. 

Think that’ll do me for this blog, I’m off into the Friday night abyss. 

ps. It’s now over a week later from the abyss.. must have forgot to hit the post button again. In fact I was going to put up a picture, for ‘jazzing it up’ purposes.. but we’ll maybe leave that for next time. 

I love you but I’ve chosen Moog

Where would we all be without Moog?  Whether you enjoy salivating over pictures of enormous Modular synths or just arguing about how to pronounce the name, Moog Music provide about half the world’s electronic musicians with exceptional instruments and the other half with something to aim for.

They’ve been about for a fair old while now (even longer than us!) and they’re doing some nice things to celebrate the fact, the most potentially useful one, in these recession-laden, post-austerity, double-dip economic meltdown times, is giving you some dosh back when you buy a MoogerFooger processor.

Any UK customer purchasing any new Moog Moogerfooger pedal between November 14th and December 31st 2011 (who then returns the rebate form to Moog) will receive a cheque rebate of £30, sent directly to them from Source Distribution (Moog’s UK Distributor).


Marty’s Back Room Boogie Experiments

Ok, I’ve been threatening to do this for some time now, so the time has come. It’s Friday night, it’s ten past Tennent’s, and it’s time to share some of the records that are rocking my back room tonight. I’m just going to talk some shite about about the records as they are spinning on the deck.. and maybe one or two of you will get some enjoyment out of them as well. So here goes.. 

New Numbers.. Goldffinch – Red Mask EP NMBRS18. Not just saying this cos some of the crew work in Rubadub, but the new Nmbrs is pretty hot. It’s youngsters beats for the more mature music listener. (I might repeat that line a few times over coming weeks/months/years) 

Omar.S.Detroit – High School Graffiti (Scion A/V) Double pack of coloured vinyl from everyone’s favourite ghetto mo-fo Omar.S.(Detroit isn’t really his surname, but they seem to have adopted it for this). I like it though.. Marty Paisley. Joey Essex. I digress, but this is pretty tasty for fans of Omar S, Detroit, Paisley and maybe even Essex.This will not be available for too long.. and will never be repressed. 

DF01. Don’t you just love coming across a wee white label in your work, taking it home with no clue what it is, and it turns out to be good. Or is that just me ? Turns out it’s from Etiku Records in St.Petersburg, and first release on their new label. That’s all I know at present, apart from it’s just good raw Techno grooves. 

Maurice Donovan – Call My Name. Every DJ’s box is made up of nuts and bolts. And tools that you put them together with. This is an ideal DJ tool, for the more mature selector, eg me, with it’s old school House sensibilities. In fact it’s done by Ramadamadamadaman, who’s actually playing at the ‘Numbers’ night at the Sub Club right about now, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s playing this to the masses right about… now ! It’s 2.30am CGT ( Central Glasgow Time).

Talking of mature Techno.. maybe I wasn’t, but I am now, then look no further than Arne Weinberg’s Diametric label. New one.. Tangula – Eye of the Beholder (9-diam). I really loved a track on the last Tangula 12… I’m just going to try and find it right now.. 2 hours later… nope, not happening. I need to get my records alphabeticalised instead of doing this blog shite.. better change the record…

ooft. The unreleased, thus far, Sound Signature 12. SS-042. Typical rough lo-fi recording, but a Techno killer. Half of me hopes it never comes out, but of course the other half wants to import it, and sell it to my fellow music lovers. Theo’s new 12, SS-044 is shipping to us start of the week, and available from Thurs / Fri to buy.  I was also looking for my promo of that there, but it must be next to that Tangula record. 

Steve Summers – In the Mode for Love (L.I.E.S) Long been a fan of Mr Summers, or Jason Letkiewicz to be precise. The only man who can out Virgo Four Virgo Four. Also adds his own slant to the old Chicago House sound.

Erik Travis – I think I’ll save how good he is for another blog. Or blog post.. whatever you call it.

Ok, that’s it for Marty’s first Back Room Boogie Experiments Blog. The TL is taking it’s toll, and I’m in danger of ranting even more shite. I have no clue how these blog things work, but I’ll be back.. maybe even next week, when I might even get my Kenny Rogers records out. 

Analogue Delay.Ay.Ay.Ay.YYYYY.Delay.Delay.D.D.D.D.D.Delay.Ay.

Analogue Delay.  Mmmmmm.  It might sometimes seem that we’re a bunch of retro obsessed, beardy,  wooly jumper wearing Analogue Anoraks constantly bleating on about how good stuff was in the “old days” and in fact, you’d mostly be right.  But there are some effects and things about Analogue gear that are just very hard to emulate in the Digital domain and Analogue Delay is one of them.

If you want to hear it at it’s best listen to pretty much any Dub Reggae (especially Augustus Pablo and Lee “Scratch” Perry) or the mind bending Techno classic, Kaoss, by Rythym is Rythym (the bit in the middle where the whole track sounds like it’s falling apart only to come together magically a few bars later).

There’s not that many Analogue Delays still on the market – the last one of note was the MoogerFooger MF-104 and that was discontinued early 2011 due to a severe shortage of the necessary components but Akai have done one of their occasional steps-to-the side/curve ball things that they do every now and then and launched a new range of Analogue Workshop Effects Pedals that include……..tah, dah!!!!

Analogue Delay Pedal

I’ve seen mock ups at a couple of trade shows and the build quality is really good – the range is marketed at guitarists but these pedals can be used with pretty much any Instrument or a Send/Return on a mixer too.

The video shows the pedal to good effect but it’s really when you whack up the Repeat and then sweep up and down the Time knob that things start to go off kilter (in the best possible way) – it’s coming in at pocket money prices too – price is going to be around £69 in the UK!

Blawan & Pariah launch new label…

Blawan and Pariah, two UK producers who constantly push the boundaries of techno and bass music have started a new label series called  ‘Works The Long Nights’. The first limited release is out in November, comes on 180g stamped vinyl and is exclusively distributed by Rubadub.

The debut releases comes from their collaborative project ‘Karenn’ and is now available to pre-order from Rubadub.

provided by Rubadub Records – specialists in underground electronic music and studio equipment.

The Novation Digital DJ Tour comes to Rubadub

Novation are about to embark on an 11-date UK tour to showcase their versatile digital DJ product range. They will be coming to Rubadub on Wednesday September 14th, if you would like to attend then please register at or mail

Novation Product Specialist Iain Horrocks will be demonstrating Twitch — the new touchstrip controller from Novation — and also showcasing other current DJ products, including the Stanton SCS.4DJ, Novation Launchpad, Dicer, and the Zero SL MkII USB/MIDI controller.

The aim of the tour is to give DJs of all ages, styles and abilities a chance to see the different ways in which these products can be used and how to get the best out of them by learning the tips and tricks to wow the crowd!

Commenting on the exciting state of affairs in the DJ world, Iain Horrocks adds, “as technology has developed, a new wave of DJ controllerism is upon us. There are lots of choices right now when it comes to software and hardware. This masterclass will allow people to gain a deeper insight into the range of Novation products available to DJs, how they work and the different software that you can use them with whether it be Serato Itch, Scratch Live, Ableton Live, Traktor or stand alone hardware.”