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Rubadub’s Back Room Boogie Experiments – Pt.1


Rather than just having to listen to one man’s shite (not the artist),  then we are extending the Back Room Boogie Experiments, where there will be contributions from various members of the Rubadub clan. ( Ed – We’ll see about that)

The vibe is.. sharing with you what we are listening to in our back rooms of an evening, (when I say back rooms, I mean the house, rather than the super club), and  deem that the the record is worthy of a mention. Nothing more than that. You can decide yourself whether they are good or not,. I’d like to think most will be, but while we like to think of ourselves as very professional, I’d imagine there will be few slip through where the author has been on the Tennent’s.

I’m going to kick off this Back Room Boogie Experiments and share what I’m listening to right now with you. . think I might be repeating myself already..   but what I’m not going to do, is talk too much shite.  Just records..  do I need to say.. it’s just records ? I’m sure you’ll know that anyway..  (Ed – apart from a cassette)


First few ones I’ve got playing are from a  wee batch I brought home today.  (Ed – this was actually written couple weeks ago, and just not posted.. common problem that with DJ Doh here). .. Think there could be few belters in here . Just realised the first 2 listened to are from Japan.  Samo DJ & Maxxbass – SNAKER008. Sounding like I’ll get my moneys worth out of this, and this other bad ass mofo T’s-001. BRF. Freaky Japanese Techno.  On the minor chord, and rough as. (but that might just be my needle). Thinking U-Trax meets Jamal Moss on a bullet train. Japanese Techno records.. like buses.  Here’s an upside down pic of the Future Sound of Japan selection..

img_0652 - Back Room Boogie Experiments

(Ed – Also from Japan. NCA PAN. on Cassette. Check that out.. if you’ve got a cassette ‘player’)

Now I’m delving in to this blast from the past.. well about 2 weeks ago..  (Ed -now 4) .. but suspect will be on the deck for more than a few weeks to come. ISPT010. Le Matin Isaiah Tapes. However just checked this link, and the killer track I’m listening to now, isn’t there. Guess you’ll just need to buy the record if want to know what that sounds like. There are others on there worth the purchase anyway. VFM.


I also got this wee nugget of a present sent to me last week.(Ed – now  3) It was like Christmas come early. Egg box for packaging, cracker of a postcard enclosed, and a belter of 7 inch record. Amfibia21. I think there’s some Japanese connection there as well.



Thumbs Up record on TTT ! Anthony Naples – Slice for Life.  Bought this last week (Ed – now 2), not knowing what was. Nailer. Loving it.  Flipping it. Big up ma man Anthony Naples, who’s been releasing some seriously good shit on his Proibito label. Consistently. I’m just looking for my PRB019 test. Had for a while. Love it, but canny find it. But anyway, it’s released next week. (Ed – now last) Check that out as well. Although I think I just ventured into talking about records I’m thinking about, rather than playing. Can’t allow that !  “Oh aye I was thinking about that belter of a tune, in fact I’ve not even bought it yet”.  That’s for a different blog. There’s no shite talking on here !   (Ed – too late) . PLAYING NOW.. the new Novel Sound NS-15. .. both sides.  I seem to have moved from Japan to NYC ! Here’s a wee pic of some Brooklyn Beats.



I seem to be getting very geographical about my music this evening.

But If your going to get geographical about your music, then you’ll struggle to beat this. Especially if from the west coast of Scotland. Big in Brodick !!

img_0653 - Back Room Boogie Experiments

(Ed – You’re barred)



Arturia Drumbrute Drum Synth Preview

Last month we got a shot of the Arturia Drumbrute.

Resident Rubadub Glasgow synth-head Aleks takes a look at the newest drum-machine in town, the Arturia Drumbrute in our latest demo video above.

Cop yours here. Continue reading

The somewhat overdue Rubadub NAMM roundup…


OK. We’ve been busy since we got back from sunny LA, ok? We know that this should have been posted as soon as we got back but at least this way you’ve all already had time to digest the news bombardment being shot at you from every music-technology media source available and you actually want to hear some opinions. So, with that in mind, here goes….

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Staff Top 5’s – Dan ‘Monox’ Lurinsky

Whilst nursing a bad back, shop manager Dan has been playing the hell out of these.

1  Villan X ft Kold / Dcantu Disparate Implementaion (Sequencias)

Q-Chip / Cestrian – Split EP (Bunker)

Alex Cortex – Live At Monox (MNX Recordings)

Marco Bernardi  – The Burning Love Ensemble (Royal Oak)

Simoncino – Dreams (L.I.E.S)

Teenage Engineering OP-1, Shipping Now.

The Teenage Engineering OP-1 has finally arrived at Rubadub just in time for Christmas. We’ve been drooling over the OP-1 since we saw it previewed at the Frankfurt Musikmesse way back in 2009.

Not only does it look amazing, The OP-1 is a Sampler, Synthesizer and Controller rolled into one. It will work with you DAW of choice and also features a 4-Track Tape Recorder which allows you to record anything you want or go crazy with the overdubbing.

The OP-1 is now available to buy from our online store or in the shop. It’s free shipping for all UK customers and if you are from outside the EU then please mail info@rubadub.co.uk and we will work out the best shipping rate for you.

Use this link for more info and to purchase the OP-1


Altering Illusions (5 Years of Echospace)

Echospace [Detroit] are celebrating their first five years of releasing records by dropping a mammoth 4×12" compilation titled ‘Altering Illusions’ in early January 2012. 

The label are treating fans to whole slew of unreleased material from Deepchord, cv313 Intrusion and Variant, all beautifully mastered and spread across 4 x 160g coloured 12" vinyl. 

We’re currently accepting pre-orders for this on the site and all customers will be notified as soon as the record lands in Glasgow. 

Use the link below to pre-order and preview the release.